The A to Zen of Life Maintenance

Comfort_logo2I wrote this with Maya Phillips, a remarkable woman who was big in meditation and intuition.  At the time we were writing The A to Zen of Life Maintenance, she was working with the police to see if intuition could be introduced into training as a way of helping assess challenging situations.

The book introduced the art of Emotional Mapping, a unique personal development method which combines intuition with visual imagery in a journey of self-discovery.  Developed by us during numerous workshops and seminars, Emotional Mapping helped people with a range of personal, emotional and health problems to achieve astonishing breakthroughs.  It helped them enhance the positive aspects of their life experience, recognise and eradicate the source of their negative emotions, identify the underlying causes of difficulties in relationships, and focus their energy to giving direction to their lives.

It sought to help the reader venture deep into the unexplored territory of the mind and to reach an empowering appreciation of their true nature.

The A to Zen of Life Maintenance was published in 1996 by Element and subsequently in French and German translations.

ISBN 1 85230 810 9